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Easy Photo Sender for Mac to Share Photos and Pictures with Friends & Family

Pre-sales Questions

Does it run on all my macs?

Easy Photo Sender for Mac was designed to run smoothly on all Mac OS X computers 10.6 and Higher. It may work on previous versions of the OS but we have not tested it. Since the Mac App Store is the distribution method we have chosen, the Mac App Store is only available on Snow Leopard and Higher so it will be difficult for previous users to get the app

How many Groups can I create and How many recipents in each group?

The number of Groups and Recipients is actually unlimited. It s based on your computer specifications and then again we are talking about this situation only if you plan on having more than 1,000 groups and 10,000 Recipients.

How many emails messages will the program create?

This is all dependent on a number of factors such as how many pictures you have in your Album, the exact Resize size you have chosen and the Maximum email message size.

More Pictures you have actually means that more emails will be created, but then the smaller you make each picture using resize will also reduce the number of email messages and depending on your ISP's email message size, that will also determine how many message will be created.

It's a three-way balancing scale.

3 way scale


Can I add people to my group from Apple Address Book?

Yes, when you are in the edit mode for the Group (Double-click on the Group), click on the yellow icon that shows the similar looking Address Book Icon. Once Address book is open choose a Contact and drag the contact into the recipients section of the group.

What is the optimal size to Resize my photos for email?

The optimal size if your end users are just going to view them on the screen you can send them as 800 x 600, this creates a small enough size so that multiple photos fit onto one email.

What is Maximum Message Size option?

Since Easy Photo Sender was made so that you dont have to worry about how many photos to attach to each email message to make sure it "goes through" and reaches your Group, you should define how big to make each email message. Every internet service provider has a limit to how big each email message can be. Please call your Internet Service Provider to find out maximum email size per email message. Once you have this information just set it in this option and no email will be larger than the specified amount.

Easy Photo Sender automatically creates new email messages based on many factors. The factors are number of photos in an Album, the size of each photo & the maximum email message size limit. You dont need to know all of this since the program handles this for you, but keep in mind multiple email message will automatically be created and all you do press the "Send" button on each email message.

Can I save the resized images to a folder?

Currently there is not an option to save the image to a folder. We will be adding it in the next version and will be ready soon.


Still Have Questions...

How can I send you guys questions or comments or even a suggestion?

You can use the contact us form on this site, located here.

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