what's the world easiest way to share pictures?

Easy Photo Sender...of course

I really don't have time to learn another app....

Don't worry...

Easy Photo Sender is super easy to master, not even learn. All you have to know is creating a Group and then adding people to your Group. Add your Photos and press send... it's really that easy to share Pictures via email or PDF or via Facebook..

Seriously... Just 5 Easy Steps and your Done.

This is the real deal. You will save time, headaches & money when Easy Photo Sender is handling your photo batch resizing,watermarking and sending.

Circular & Linear Designer....Cool Stuff

One of the coolest features of Ink is the ability to do Circular designs based on how many objects you want to use, the rotation if any and the angle of curves to create spectacular designs. Simply choose a object or shape and with a few clicks, you have a properly spaced 360 degree circle design. All automated!

"Easy it is...works great even on my Snow Leopard"

- Mustafa Aziz, Los Angeles CA

Photo Emails Wont Bounce Due to Size!

We know that emails are bound to bounce back to us if we dont limit thier exact size. Imagine if you wanted to email a set of 100 Photos to Grandma of your kids. How long would that take you...and what assures you that each one will properly go? With Easy Photo Sender, Rest easy...no more worrying. When your ready to share, just sit back adn watch multiple ermail messages automatically open while they are populated according to how you want them. Once done...Just click Send and they will be delivered.

More Features

Set Max Email Message Size Limit!

Create Multiple Groups with Multiple Recipients!

Create Multiple Photo Albums with Unlimited Photos!

Create Photo PDF's for archiving!

Upload multiple Photo's Directly to FaceBook!

Batch Watermark your Photos

Batch Resize your Photos!

Drag & Drop Recipients from Address Book to Groups!

Change Image formats to PNG, JPG, GIF or TIFF

Photo Frames included to give your Photos special effect.

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