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Photo Resizing, Watermarking, Framing...

Easy Photo Sender qucikly lets you resize all your photos from thumbnail size to email quality sizes automatically.

Multiple Groups & Recipients

Send Entire albums to multiple groups with one click. Each email message is truncated to your exact email provider to no more "attachments too big" issues.

Step 1: Create a Group

Create a Group for Grandparent, Clients, Frineds...anybody that youy can define as a group. Add the People you want to the groups and all people within the groups will receive photos that you define that group to have.

Step 2: Add Pictures

Create unlimited albums such as Vacation Pics, Weekend Party or Wedding, just to classify your photos. Drag in your Photos from Finder or iPhoto to your Albums and they are automatically saved to send to multiple Groups.

Step 3: Resize & Share Pics

Set your resize settings to your likings, Add a watermark to each photo and an optional frame. THats the hard part and that's all done for you! Just choose to share via Email or PDF or post it to Facebook Photo Album or directly to the Facebook Wall.


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