What is the fastest way to design a unique tattoo?

Ink for Mac Tattoo Designer

Pre-sales Questions

Does it run on all my macs?

Ink Tattoo Designer for Mac was designed to run smoothly on all Mac OS X computers 10.6 and Higher. It may work on previous versions of the OS but we have not tested it. Since the Mac App Store is the distribution method we have chosen, the Mac App Store is only available on Snow Leopard and Higher so it will be difficult for previous users to get the app

Can the objects be modified?

The Tattoo objects you see in the left panel are rasterized objects, what that means is that they are pretty much 'set' and manipulating them is limited to resizing them or skewing them with transformation controls. We did this so that anybody with zero-design experience can combine multiple objects and still be able to make really unique tattoos.

We have included some editable tattoo templates which you can access from the Temple Browser (Window | Show Welcome Page | Open Sample Tattoo). These are created using the full drawing tools found in Ink tatoo designer. These objects and tattoos can be edited as vector shapes with all the nodes and everything else that come with any other vector editing software, but we know this is too much for most users since getting used to vector editing take a degree in-itself

On the other hand, if you have a knack to design using vector tools, Ink Tattoo Designer offers full-fledged vector editing tools, so then you can go truly wild...

Can I design my tattoo and take it to the Tattoo shop/Tattoo Artist, What's the process?

Yes, after you create your tattoo, we suggest you save it in the .ink format (File | Save As...)so you can come back to it later and edit it if needed. When you decide that your tattoo is exactly the way you want it, take a picture of your body and import (Layer | Import Background Image) your picture to the ink canvas and then you can set your newly designed tattoo and adjust it based on where you want it to appear. Save this as a file like a PDF so you can show the tattoo designer the exact way it should look. Next, in the layers Panel hide the background layer so all you see is your Tattoo and then Export this (File | Export...) as a 300 dpi Tiff file with Alpha checked. Print this out and take it to your Tattoo Artist!


How do I change the Font Size for my custom text on the canvas?

Add your text and then make sure its selected, Now click on the Text Menu and you will see many font options. You can open the Font Panel as well by pressing ⌘T while in Ink Tattoo Designer and the font panel where you can set the size, the color, the type-style, etc can be set.

How do I change the color of an object?

Draw the object on the canvas using the vector tools and then on the Preset Inspector Panel, click on "Clone Preset" button . This will open the editing features of the selected shape. Basic shapes have 2 items; Fill and Stroke. Click on one of these and you will see the opions to edit below. You can add multiple effects to the same shape by clicking on the Plus sign and do some multi-layering of effects.

Still Have Questions...

How can I send you guys questions or comments or even a suggestion?

You can use the contact us form on this site, located here.

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