What is INK?

a Tattoo Designer for Mac...


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Hundreds of Predesigned Tattoos

One of the most unique features of Ink is the ability to create amazing tattoo just by dragging and dropping any of the included shapes!.

Amazing Unique Features

MOnce you dive into designing your tattoo with Ink, theres no telling what you might come up with. t.

Mirroring Features

This is the where the WOW comes out of Ink - Tattoo Designer in which you can create pretty slick mirrored tattoo designs! Drop a Shape and turn on either Quad Mirrors or Horozontal .

Circular Designer

Simply choose an object or shape and let the Circular Designer create a perfectly round and properly rotated design for you!

Import Your Own Pics

Now you can import your own body pics from your iPhone, Android or other USB connected device to see how your new tattoo will look on your body. No more second guessing..

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